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Onyx Limited provide a full spectrum financial planning and investment services to wealthy individuals, families and businesses. Our advisory teams spend time to develop a deep understanding of your personal situation to create an optimised plan that’s designed with your unique needs, your best interests and your long-term objectives in mind.


Our Goal Is Your Peace of Mind

Onyx Limited consider ourselves to be “stewards of our clients’ trust.” There are few responsibilities as important as your financial well-being, and we aim to ease the demands of this responsibility for our clients. Our philosophy is rooted in a client-centric belief that speaks volumes about the service and experience you can expect.

We approach everything with an eye on your big picture

We aim to serve as the prime advisor or “financial anchor,” by collaborating with your other trusted advisors, including tax advisors, corporate benefits managers and estate planning attorneys. This closely informed perspective on all facets of your finances is critical to developing a holistic financial plan, including investment recommendations and asset allocation.

Your unique circumstances inspire  our guidance

Our team is dedicated to understanding the intricacies of your financial situation—your goals, concerns, interests and risk tolerances. Through ongoing detailed conversations, we work to develop a personal relationship with you and your family. This familiarity—both personally and practically —enables us to build a highly customized roadmap for realizing the financial future you wish for.

Safeguarding your financial comfort & legacy is our goal

Whether you are researching financial plans or executing investments, we are very focused on the long term, as we know that being disciplined, diligent and conservative are key to driving excellent results over time. To the extent you wish for, we seek to create the optimum impact for your beneficiaries—always looking beyond how our strategies and recommendations affect you personally.

Elements of Your Personalized Plan

The individual components of our wealth management approach come together through a comprehensive suite of services. Our analysis of your retirement intentions, compensation & benefits, and estate plan establishes a foundation that informs a personalized asset allocation recommendation, as well as specific investment strategies. We continually work to optimize your plan in an effort to minimize your tax exposure, ensure your education funding readiness, mitigate your insurable risks, and maximize the impact of your charitable gifts.

Putting Plans in to Practice

Our approach to investing is built around several core ideas—taking a long-term view, conducting fundamental analysis, being opportunistic yet disciplined, and avoiding unnecessary risk. We implement this approach through our “open-architecture” model, which allows us to offer clients a broad spectrum of both internally and externally managed investment programs. We believe this gives our clients the “best of both worlds” and allows us to provide solutions that are customized for each client’s unique situation.

Retirement Analysis

By developing projections based on your personal needs and conservative assumptions, we create a realistic path to your goals. By analysing a multitude of scenarios, we can project potential outcomes and make informed decisions regarding the most appropriate strategies.

Charitable Giving Strategy

We work closely with you in an effort to determine the best gifting strategies, as you would expect, both from a philanthropic and a tax liability position. We can direct you in choosing the most appropriate securities and facilitate the execution of your gifts, giving you the option of active or passive participation in every execution.

Education Funding

The approach to analyses enables us to recommend the finest funding methods and saving strategies that set you you to meet your goals for securing your children’s or grandchildren’s education. We create tailored projections, assist the implementation of the strategy, and constantly monitor the plan’s development.

Insurance Analysis

Onyx Limited provide an umbrella of safety and security for you and your family. We not only measure your ongoing insurance strategies (ownership, beneficiaries, and so on), but also highlight any potential issues in coverage that unnecessarily raise your exposure to a number of insurable risks.

Tax Planning

Dealing with us you can be assured that you will receive guidance about strategies that will have a positive impact your tax situation. We cooperate with you and your tax advisor to make sure we are all targeting your common goals.

Asset Allocation & Investment Selection

Once furnished with a full understanding of your financial picture, we choose a combination of investments well suited to your long-term objectives, income needs, and risk tolerance. We see this process as an ongoing effort supported by regular analysis, which maintains parity between strategy and execution and helps to safeguard you from common investment issues.

Estate Planning

Onyx Limited’s advisors orchestrate the creation and maintenance of your estate plan, working with selected professionals as necessary to ease the process and maintain reasonable costs.

Compensation & Benefits

It is important that you understand the value of the advantages provided to you and develop ways to increase and integrate them into your overall plan. Our strategies and recommendations cover investment options, stock option exercise strategies and allocations, and compensation elections, among others.

Fixed Income

Often clients aim to achieve earn regular income, capital preservation and benefit from greater flexibility with this asset class.

  • Taxable Fixed Income
  • Tax Exempt Fixed Income

We focus on small and medium size companies with excellent growth potential or corporations with less volatile earnings growth and increasing dividends. We sometimes also invest in companies that we believe are temporarily underappreciated in the market at the optimum time.

  • Core Equity
  • Dividend Growth
  • Special Situations
Other Asset Classes

Onyx Limited provide clients with exclusive ways to diversify their investments and potentially earn higher risk adjusted returns. Since our research apparatus is actively engaged analysis on niche opportunities, we can typically spotlight investments that may be overlooked by individual investors.

  • Strategic Fixed Income
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Other Real Estate
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