We see things differently.

Onyx Limited offers equity, fixed income, and alternative investment strategies run by highly experienced portfolio managers.

Underpinning all that we do is a deep commitment to fundamental research, concentration within portfolios, and risk management.


A Fundamental Approach

We believe we can add value over the long term by finding quality businesses in growing industries that are trading below their estimate of fair value. Our approach involves searching across the market-cap spectrum for viable opportunities, and using our highly disciplined, rigorous research and analysis to examine the potential return and risk for each investment. This gives us the confidence to take a contrarian view and the patience to wait for a company’s full value to be recognized. With a long-term view, we are able to take advantage of the market’s short-term inefficiencies through a fundamental, bottom-up research process. Concentrated portfolios also allow us to focus on our highest-conviction ideas while maintaining prudent diversification.


Our equity strategies follow a bottom up, fundamental approach on identifying opportunities with attractive risk / reward profiles.

  1. Core Equity - All cap, quality growth companies.
  2. Dividend Growth - Large cap, mature growth companies.
  3. Special Situations - Opportunistic strategy findingasymmetric risk / reward profiles.
  4. East Asia - Small and micro-cap companies having attractive risk / reward policies.

Fixed Income

Onyx Limited’s fixed income strategies take a fundamental, relative value direction focussed on capital preservation and income.

  1. Taxable – Investment grade fixed income securities issued by multinational corporations and the US Government.
  2. Tax Exempt - Investment grade fixed income securities issued by smaller entities and corporations in tax exempt domiciles.

Alternative Strategies

Our alternative strategies spotlight generating absolute, risk adjusted returns with low correlation to the broad equity market.

  1. Long / Short stressed debt strategy.
  2. Long / Short micro and small cap equities strategy.
  3. Long / Short financials strategy Asia and USA.
  4. Equity market neutral, relative value arbitrage strategy.
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