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Financial management is about more than account balances and rates of profit. While we expertly manage our clients’ portfolios, we are equally focused on the personal business relationship to serve as your trusted co-pilot enhancing and developing a better future for you and your family.

Client Services

We provide a full spectrum financial planning and investment services to wealthy individuals, families and businesses. Our advisory teams spend time to develop a deep understanding of your situation to create an optimised plan, designed with your unique needs and your best interests in mind.

Institutional Clients

At Onyx Limited we believe we can add value moving forward into the medium to long term by identifying quality businesses in solid industry sectors that are trading below their estimate of fair value. Our method involves searching across the market-cap landscape for realistic opportunities…


Onyx Limited was formed over 15 years ago to manage money for businesses and individuals. Our focus has never altered, although our client base has expanded to become truly global and also include institutions. Also, the resources, tools, and services we offer have evolved with our insights into diverse markets and our clients’ developing needs.

We’re exclusively focused on investment research and investment management. For many clients, we deliver a uniquely integrated approach to managing their liquid assets. We can for others, deliver more targeted services. But in both cases, our clients receive the benefit of our firm’s deep research resources, global scope and planning expertise that few others can match.

When you choose us as your investment partner, you become part of a proud tradition of trust, integrity and financial success.

No idea what’s going on?

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What We Believe In:
Clients learn to trust us with their long term financial future, and we continually go the extra mile to earn their confidence by staying committed to deliver success. We hold ourselves to high standards, always pushing to serve clients in ways that are relevant to their distinctive requirements.

We are true to those we serve, but also to ourselves. We choose substance and integrity over style.

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